Everyone getting excited for the first tournament of the year? Here’s what to expect over the course of the next week. Lots of info here, please read it all over.

1. Weigh Ins Tonight!

For everyone that registered for the Omaha Bryan tournament, weigh ins will be done at practice TONIGHT. We will be doing it at the end of practice for the little kids (around 6:45) and at the end of the practice for the big kids (around 8:00). You MUST weigh in to complete your registration for this tournament.

On another note for everyone who is attending their first tournament. Everything is run through:
At first it’s going to seem like a lot but you’ll quickly become comfortable using it. It is how you will find out where and when your wrestler is wrestling on the mats. We recommend finding another FWC parent on a quick run down on how to use it.

Read the flyer, find out when your session is (based off age/grade). Make plans to arrive 1 hour PRIOR to your sessions starting. That gives you time to get your wrestling shoes on, get all ready, then warm up with some fellow teammates/coaches to be ready to wrestle right when the session starts.

Depending on time I may put together a guide and put it on our website as well. I will make a post if I do.

“How do I find other FWC parents?”
The easiest way is looking for parents with FWC gear on!
You don’t have any? Let’s fix that…

2. Apparel Store is back open!

Our store is open and can be accessed here:
This will likely be your last chance of the season to order FWC gear. There’s no better way to support your team by wearing the gear. This store is only open for a limited time, so get your orders in quick.

Lou’s Sporting Goods will call you for pick up once order is complete. At tournaments, we recommend everyone to wear their gear and sit together. Nothing fills the time better between your own kid’s matches then cheering and watching their teammates wrestle!

3. Raffle Tickets

Starting today and then Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of next week we will have someone at practice handing out raffle tickets. It is required that each wrestler sell a minimum of 2 books (Each book is 20 tickets @ $1 a piece). We recognize kids at the end of the year that sold the most books.

Also, we misspoke on our last post, there is no Nintendo Switch this year. The grand prizes for this year’s tournament is:
58″ Samsung TV
43″ Samsung TV
Oculus Quest 2 VR

There’s also lots of little prizes from businesses all over the community.

4. Sign ups for our tournament

Our tournament is a little over a month out. We invite everyone to start signing up to volunteer for our tournament using the following link:

We need people for Concessions, Table Help, Check Ins/Weigh Ins, and Front Gate.

Remember, it is a requirement that you work this tournament. This tournament is what keeps our club going and allows us to keep our registration costs down and help cover the expenses of signing your kid up for tournaments.

5. Picture day next Monday.

Pictures are next Monday as well. If you have not received a text with your Access Code let us know. We can find your access code and give it to you or if for any reason you weren’t on the list we can get one created for you.

We will also have some examples of the different items you can purchase for you kid on hand as well.

As always, any questions let us know.

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