December is right around the corner and right after that in January our official tournament season begins for Fremont Wrestling Club!

In order to compete at these tournaments your wrestler is required to wear a singlet to all competitions. Here will be our process this year for getting your child a singlet from the Fremont Wrestling Club.

Next week (Week of Dec 6th to 10th) we will be having TWO singlet check out nights. Monday, December 6th and Thursday, December 9th. These are the days both the younger and older group have practice. We will try our best to get everyone taken care of during practice, but please allow extra time either before or after practice.

In order to secure a singlet, a $75 deposit is required. If you’ve already paid for your singlet deposit, no worries, we got you marked in the system as good already. For those that have not, please bring cash or check. You will get this deposit back at the end of the year/season when you return the singlet and we check you out.

Any questions let us know!

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