Fremont Wrestling Club Guidelines

  1. Dues are $40 for the 1 wrestler, $80 for 2 wrestlers and $20 per wrestler at 3 or more wrestlers per family (No wrestler will be entered in a tournament until dues are paid.) No youth denied because of financial hardship.
  2. Club singlets are required for competition. Club singlets will be provided upon receipt of a $75 deposit check. The check is returned when the singlets are turned in at the end of the season. Singlets must be turned in on or before the banquet or the check will be cashed.
  3. Headgear and wrestling shoes are encouraged but not required.
  4. Practices are held at the Fremont High School wrestling room. All school rules are to be obeyed at all times. Parents are encouraged to attend practices to learn wrestling techniques and support their children.
  5. Wrestlers are to remain in the wrestling room. If there is a need to go to any other part of the school they must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. If a wrestler is disruptive or disobedient at practice their parents will be called immediately to come pick up their child. If there is a major infraction a solution will be discussed between parents and coaches.
  7. Wrestlers should bring a jacket, hooded sweatshirts, and/or caps to practice and tournaments.
  8. Wrestlers must carry their wrestling shoes to practice and put hem on at the top of the stairs. This will prevent soiling and damaging of the wrestling mats.
  9. If it becomes necessary to cancel practice due to weather, please tune into KHUB 1340AM or KFMT 105.5FM, or check If practice is being held and you are concerned about the road conditions or weather, please use your own judgment and place our families’ safety first. Please note if school is not in session for in-service, vacation, etc the Club will not hold practice that night.
  10. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES AT HOME! The club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. This applies to practice and tournament.
  11. The Fremont Wrestling Club will pay for one tournament entry fee a weekend. If a wrestler signs up for a tournament but does not attend, the wrestler will be required to reimburse the Club for that tournament before being allowed to compete in any other tournaments.
  12. Parents are encouraged to attend tournaments (with their wrestler’s) if possible. If parents are unable to attend they need to make arrangements with coaches for the transportation (of their wrestler’s).
  13. Tournaments last most of the day so wrestlers will need to pack a lunch or bring money for food.
  14. For tournaments, wrestlers and their parents are encouraged to sit together as a Club. Wrestlers are to obey any parent or adult that is sitting with them. Fremont Wrestling Club shirts are available for purchase to show team spirit.
  15. The Club will not tolerate any roughhousing, fighting or disobedience to any parent of official. Any acts of vandalism or stealing will not be tolerated.
  16. The Fremont Wrestling Club expects GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP from all COACHES, WRESTLERS, AND PARENTS.
  17. The Club Coaching staff will handle any and all disputes over an Officials decision only! During tournaments, only designated coaches will be allowed mat side.
  18. Coaches have the authority to suspend any wrestler form any tournament for any reason that gives just cause. The wrestler will then require a formal re-instatement with coaches and parents before being allowed to compete again.
  19. All wrestlers are required to sell two books of raffle tickets (Twenty Tickets). All unsold tickets must be turned in or the PARENTS MUST PAY for the tickets.
  20. The Fremont Wrestling Club requires each wrestler have a parent or adult work our tournament in February. If there is no adult working for a wrestler, that wrestler will be responsible for paying all tournament fee’s for the rest of the current season.
  21. Any member of the Fremont Wrestling Club will exclusively wrestle for the Fremont Wrestling Club at the club level.
  22. If a wrestler misses his/her assigned mat duty that you are assigned you will have mat duty the next two practices. If you miss mat duty a second time. Fremont Wrestling Club will not pay for the next tournament you attend.
  23. If any parent/coach has a problem with a bracket then they must go through the appointed headcoach for the tournament. This also includes any weight challenge.

Updated October 15, 2009. The Fremont Wrestling Club reserves the right to change the guidelines prior to the first practice of the season.

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