Here’s what to expect coming up and through the Christmas break. Lots of information here, but worth the read!

1. Singlet Check Out!
This Thursday (December 15th) we’ll be doing our 2nd and last singlet check out night. If you didn’t get your singlet this last Monday be sure to get it this Thursday. If you’ve already paid the $75 singlet deposit before we have you marked. If not please bring cash or check, we need payment before we can give you the singlet. You need a singlet to wrestle at tournaments!

2. Practice Schedule
We WILL have practice the beginning of next week. Monday December 19th and Tuesday December 20th as normal. There will be no practice Thursday, December 22nd. After that practice is DONE for the winter break. Our next practice after that will be Monday, Jan 2nd. Enjoy the holidays.

3. Westside Tournament
For those wrestlers (3+ years experience) that received flyers for the Westside Tournament, those will need to be turned in at Thursday’s practice. We will register them on their behalf. We will have to do weigh ins as well to register them, so if your child didn’t weigh in, we didn’t get them registered correctly! Make sure you read over all the information on that flyer to know when your wrestler will wrestle. Always arrive 30 to 60 minutes before they are scheduled to wrestle to give them time to warm up.

4. Tournament Schedule
We also passed out our tournament schedule for the year. This starts the first weekend in January and goes every weekend until the first weekend of March which is Districts. We will have flyers each week for that weekends tournament. We will pass those out Monday.

5. Raffle Tickets
Eric is usually around Mondays and Thursdays practice for anyone needing to pick up or get additional raffle tickets. There is a required 2 books minimum to sell per wrestler. We do give out bonuses for wrestlers who are able to go above and beyond with their raffle ticket sales.

6. Lou’s Sporting Goods Order
We have been informed the orders people made during our window are coming in. Expect a call from Lou’s to pick up anything you purchased.

7. Pictures
We will have a picture day coming up on Tuesday January 10th at 6:30. More information about that will be coming out. There will be no normal Tuesday practice that day, it will just be a day for pictures. Make sure your wrestler is in his singlet and wrestling shoes for pictures.

8. Emails
These posts also get sent out to your email address. The emails also include attachments such as flyers, tournament schedules, other relevant information you can’t attach to a Facebook post. If you are not receiving emails from us with this information let us know and we can get that corrected.

As always any questions let us know.

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