Columbus was our last official club tournament of the season. I hope everyone has been having an amazing year so far whether this is your child’s first year or if they’re a seasoned vet in our club. New and old parents alike, please read through this thoroughly for information on how the rest of the season is going to play out.

1. Practice this week

Practice is normal this week, for some of us this may be the final week of practice. As a reminder, it is normal times but at Fremont High School.

2. Havoc on the Hill (Logan View) Tournament Friday

This is NOT an official club tournament but one that we completely support. Parents, you are more than welcome to sign up your child through TrackWrestling (by Thursday, Feb 29th). We will have coaches there but we can’t guarantee one, so be prepared to coach them yourself if need be.

Here’s the flyer for more information:

3. Districts!

This is the big tournament that is going to be this Sunday, March 3rd at Fremont High School. For those that are new this is going to be different than any other tournament you’ve done this year.

First, review the flyer for districts:

A) There are weight classes
You MUST decide what weight your child will wrestle at during districts. For example, if your kid is in 5th and 6th grade you must choose one of the weight classes available. If you are deciding between 60 and 65 in this example realize that if you weigh 60.1 you CAN NOT wrestle 60, you will have to wrestle 65 instead. YOU MUST MAKE WEIGHT, you can’t even be .1 over.

B) Weigh Ins are Saturday
There is no “day of” weigh ins for Districts. Weigh Ins MUST be done at Fremont High School on Saturday, March 2nd from 4pm to 6pm.

C) There is no Novice/Open Division
Everyone is placed inside their division / weight class. The bracket will be as big for as many kids show up. You’ll be seeing a lot of good competition from everyone in our District.

D) You can’t change Divisions / Weight Class
Once you decide on your weight class for Districts, you CAN NOT change them into state. Meaning if you make the 60lb weight class at Districts right at 60.0, you MUST keep that weight for the next 2 weeks and make weight AGAIN at state. You can’t change to the 65lb weight class after the fact. And again, 60.1 would be over weight for 60lb.

E) This is the qualifier for state
The goal of wrestling districts is to be in the top 4. The top 4 for each division / weight class in each of the eight districts across Nebraska qualify to go to the NEUSAW State Tournament 2 weeks later (Weekend of March 15-17). For the most part, this is the culmination of a season of hard work and dedication to see how you rank against the state’s best wrestlers.

F) Volunteers Needed for Districts
If anyone is able to volunteer some of their Saturday / Sunday let us know.
-We need people to help with setup Saturday evening.
-We need gate people for Sunday
-We need people for concessions
-We need people that know how to run Track to work tables
If you can volunteer your time at all, please let us know. We appreciate it!

G) Tournament Sign Up
Make sure you have read the flyer and ALL the information above. Here is the link for District Sign Ups:

Any questions let us know

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